In Search of the Best Hilton Head Breakfast


One of the most beautiful, popular go-to destinations for beach-goers and seaside lovers to South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is well-versed in appeal and traveler attractions. From dining and shopping experiences, to fun land and water activities, there are hundreds of cool things to do on the Island. But where does everyone love to go for a yummy breakfast? Read on for a few suggestions from locals and travelers alike, as well as a recommendation for one of the best cafes in Hilton Head.


Everyone Has Their Own Opinion of What “Best Breakfast” Means

Best is subjective, and everyone you ask will have a different opinion of what they think is THE best breakfast place in Hilton Head. Sure, there might be a general consensus, but really, the best breakfast is dependent on what you crave and love for your first meal of the day. Are you all about the classics of toast, bacon, eggs, and coffee in the mornings? Or, would you prefer to start your day with something bigger, like a veggie-loaded omelet and a fresh-squeezed glass of juice? Or, maybe you would prefer the lightweight comforts of a fresh-brewed cup of joe and a view of the seashores? You can get all of these things, and more, on Hilton Head Island. Ergo, you can draw your own opinion on where to snag the very best breakfast.



What’s So Great About Breakfast on Hilton Head Island?

Hilton Head Island hotels and villas offer wow-worthy comforts, and a fantastic night’s sleep. So, it’s only natural that a delicious breakfast should follow. A good night’s sleep followed by an awesome breakfast will set the whole tone for your great day in Hilton Head. Plus, there’s nothing quite like setting that tone with the people you care about most. A family breakfast is something memorable; something bonding—a vacation meal that you and your loved ones can remember as one of the most peaceful experiences you could have shared together.



Go Healthy, Delicious, and Homemade at the Watusi Café

Dubbed Hilton Head’s Neighborhood Café, the Watusi Café serves up homemade, delicious, and healthy breakfast options to make your mouth water. This café is all about authenticity, as they want you to have an authentic, amazing dining experience. You just have to see their diverse menu of healthy meals including gluten-free and vegetarian options. Enjoy deliciously crafted breakfast and lunch with a full complement of homemade desserts and delightful spirits. For coffee lovers, Watusi serves Certified Organic, Fair Trade Coffee from Batdorf and Bronson.



Watusi Cafe’s Popular Breakfast Menu Choices

Breakfast at the Watusi Café is revered by Hilton Head locals as one of the best and most delicious in the area. What makes their menu so great? Take a gander at a few of their popular breakfast menu choices.

Steak and Eggs Benedict with sautéed onions and beef tenderloin, glazed in a red wine reduction over two poached eggs on an open-faced d English muffin. The toppers are hollandaise sauce and a light crumble of blue cheese. Seashore Scrambler with two farm-fresh, scrambled eggs, topped with shredded potatoes, fresh mushrooms, and melted Swiss cheese. The Big Watusi Sandwich is served on a toasted French baguette with fillings of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

If you would rather create your own breakfast meal, you can opt for a mash-up of classic café extras. Examples: hash browns, cheesy grits, fresh seasonal fruits, house-made cream cheese, eggs your way, bacon, sausage, biscuits with honey butter, mini pancakes, and fresh-baked muffins—to name a few.


Positive Customer Reviews for Watusi Café

The introduction of social media platforms has gifted hundreds of thousands of Hilton Head Island visitors with the means to leave reviews about their experiences. That said, the following positive reviews are specifically for the Watusi Café—courtesy of past customers that posted to TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Twitter.


★★★★★ Mark Gosselin from Methuen, Massachusetts, wrote: “Our last morning on the Island, we ventured out in search of this place. We were very much impressed. First of all, you have a selection of coffees (light, medium, or dark roast), and a quaint gift shop in which to browse (if you are waiting for a table). Waitstaff was pleasant and helpful, without being overbearing. Food was fresh, hot, and filling.”

★★★★★ Joseph K. moved to Hilton Head Island 3 years ago, and had this to say about the Watusi Café: “Today. We decided to try the Watusi Cafe! We have been on the Island for over three years and I would say, the breakfast we had is one of the best! The omelet was superb, and the dark roast coffee was great. My spouse had the pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips. She remarked they were tasty and light. A great pancake! So. Give it a try! By the way, our waitress was friendly and good.”


Breakfast Served All Day

Breakfast at the Watusi Café is a favorite, especially because it’s served ALL day. Which, according to the café hours, means after the sun comes up, until 3pm. Of course, you can also get an awesome selection of lunchtime foods from 10:30am to close (if you’d rather skip the classic breakfast menu).

The Watusi Café is notably one of the best places for breakfast on Hilton Head Island. Come join the happy crowd for a positive dine-in experience. Watusi is on the South end of the Island, 71 Pope Avenue, next to Coligny Plaza. On the go, no time to stay… headed to the beach? No worries. Just call ahead at 843-686- 5200 to make an order for a pick-up and go.